About us

frog-city-2_bwThere wouldn’t be FrogCity band if Antonio and Marko never started getting into recording and producing music. After few failed bands and growing as a musicians and people one day Antonio suggested to Marko that they should start jamming together. They started jamming sessions but that wasn’t it without the drummer. Antonio immediately remembered his and Markos friend back from high school – Dino. After Dino came to the band everything was set to get the band rollin’.

The band started rehearsals in July of 2015. when Marko, Dino and Antonio finally got together after a long time. Fueled by the common love for grunge they started working on original materials in their rehearsal place. ‘When we hit our first note, we knew, this is it.’ they all agreed. ‘From that moment we knew we had something.’ says Dino.

The band was soon joined by the viola/keyboard player Luka, who brought different classical and ethno influences which Antonio, Marko and Dino welcomed with open arms. ‘First we started with a lot of grunge, indie, alternative rock influence,’ said Marko, ‘but when Luka joined we opened to the whole new horizons’. ‘When we did cover of traditional song Jos ne svice rujna zora I was smiling like I was 16 again’ stated Antonio. Combining all those influences into one is what pushes this band forward and gives the whole new meaning to the Alternative rock.

Although they’re too happy with support they’re getting from local fans, FrogCity gang set their goal outside Croatia borders where they hope they’ll get recognition they deserve and finally record full length album. The band is currently looking for gigs around Croatia and nearby countries. ‘We just want to get out there and play from our heart for all the people out there who like our music’. Dino says. ‘Now that we’re older and wiser we know where to take this story that is called FrogCity. Anyone who wants to live in FrogCity we welcome them with opened arms’.


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Progressive rock band from Croatia.

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